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Develop the skills that make your next presentation, talk, pitch, panel and conversation the very best of your career — with SUGR coaching, workshops, keynotes and masterclasses and more.

1:1 and Group Coaching

Follow in the footsteps of Cirque du Soleil, IBM and TD and learn how to transform your presentations creating action in your audiences. 

Our 1:1 and group coaching provides customized insights and ideas designed to improve your content, engagement, and performance. By deconstructing your presentation, we will transform it into something extraordinary, focusing on your content, your audience, your purpose, and your engagement tools. 

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Keynote Presentations

We continue to create more and more tools for communication – but are misconnecting more than ever.

Discover the challenges and new rules for Connection in powerful, original, engaging and actionable keynotes by SpeakUp Get Results. Choose your topic and contact us or book your free keynote conversation.

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Shorter. Relevant. Interesting.

Next-generation audiences demand presentations, pitches and content focused on them and their needs. Are you delivering? Build and deliver content that arrests, engages, and moves audiences with one of SpeakUpGet Results’ high-energy workshops.

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Online Masterclass Courses

Do your presentations engage audiences, shift perspectives, and create action? If you do them right, they absolutely should. The problem is most people apply tired skills that aren't effective anymore.  

Join the online Masterclass and discover the high-impact 5-Step SUGR Stack Process for presentations and pitches. Step through the process with more than 70 videos, infographics, books, and tools to help you imagine, build, write and deliver winning presentations, pitches, and conversations.

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Event Host, Emcee & Facilitator

The perfect mix of energy and insight, Jason Thomson elevates every part of your event as facilitator and emcee. Using the skills he teaches during his Masterclasses, Keynotes, and Workshops, he serves as the voice of your audience, delivering more context, message reinforcement, and outstanding storytelling.

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