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Improve meetings. Change minds. Win pitches.

Do your presentations engage audiences, shift perspectives, and create action? If you do them right, they absolutely should. The problem is most people apply tired skills that aren't effective anymore.  
SpeakUp Get Results is here to change that, helping you to imagine, build, write and deliver presentations, pitches and conversations that are effective, electric, and engaging. 
Join Jason Thomson, one of North America's pitch and presentation leaders and learn the landmark process for developing and delivering your message more effectively than ever before. 

What you improve
Elevate every 
presentation you ever

+ Team meeting
+ Pitch
+ Conference keynote
+ Panel session
+ Class seminar or lecture
+ Workshop
+ Informal meeting
+ Virtual, live, and hybrid

What you receive
Learning, coaching and community build your skills

+ A 5-step process for success
+ 5 modules of self-directed learning (one per week)
+ 5-weeks LIVE Group coaching
+ More than 50 resources, including eBook, workbook, step-by-step videos, and more

How you learn
The betterfastersmarter way to learn 

+ A fast-reference manual that shows shortcuts to success
+ A step-by-step workbook that helps you build a real presentation
+ A process for impact
+ Short, directive videos and infographics teach you great tools


Your main objectives: 

  1. Transform your presentation into your best presentation  
  2. Develop and deliver in ways that instantly inspire and create action in your audience (even your boss). 
  3. Learn from the leader in presentation + content creation 
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"Jason made me rethink every presentation I've ever given..."

High-Tech Leader

1.Transform your presentation into your best presentation

Be a better presenter in minutes with with short form, high impact content and coaching that delivers content in easy-to-digest, fast-to-execute videos, infographics, exercises and assessments. Your Total Presentation Skills Masterclass is a full court press that introduces, guides and reinforces the everyday skills you can use to improve your next pitch, keynote, panel, classroom lecture or conversation. 

2. Develop and deliver in ways that instantly inspire and create action in your audience (even your boss)

Presentations aren’t simply about the confidence you project on stage or in front of a camera. A great presentation rivets and engages from the very first moment and drives your audience to think, feel or do something differently. 
The SpeakUp Get Results Total Presentation Masterclass develops the next-generation skills you need to captivate, contextualize, and change your audience. 
Your curriculum lifts your presentations with the 5-Step-Process of a master presenter.  
Learn the skills sought by leaders from North America’s top technology, financial services, automotive, manufacturing, entertainment, and educational organizations. Your curriculum includes: 


Begin your presentation journey with a graphic-based reference book, plus a workbook that helps you build a real-world presentation.

Step 01 — Actually think about what you’re doing

Too many presenters go into “autopilot” when they’re handed the task of making a pitch or delivering a keynote. In this step you learn:

+ Getting unstuck when it comes to presentations
+ How to identify “why” you’re presenting
+ The secret to great presentations 
+ Thinking about your presentation as a moment of sell

Step 02 — Start with your audience

Your audience is the single most important part of your presentation. When you’re meaningful and relevant, they’re engaged and ready to act. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about them. In this step, you learn: 

+ Why it’s important to focus on your audience
+ Skills for empathy and personas
+ Effective questions to ask
+ How to map your audience journey

Step 03 — Build a Blueprint
“Structure” your presentation instead of writing it to see a clear, powerful, memorable narrative. In this step you learn:

+ What your talk should be “about”
+ How to hold “The Conversation”
+ Developing an effective Point and Chapters
+ Building brilliant headlines
+ Scripting a presentation Blueprint

Step 04 — Be interesting and valuable
Draw on more than a dozen tools to snatch and retain the attention of your audience. In this step you learn:

+ Why “navigation” and “scalability” are so important
+ The essentials of telling the great story: storytelling
+ Using behavioural economics tools like Associations and Reciprocity
+ The mistakes of PowerPoint and presentation visuals 
+ How to specifically structure the first and last minute of any talk
+ The effectiveness of visual language, white space and countdowns

Step 05 — Think strategically about your performance 
You’re standing on stage or in front of the camera. Now what? Now you unleash your super authentic, rehearsed self to create confidence and connection. In this step, you learn:

+ How to determine your presentation persona
+ Practical skills for rehearsal
+ What to do to look great on stage and in virtual

"Instantly made our communications team better at identifying, developing and telling stories..."

Amy J. Hurley, Program Director, Faculty and Staff Recognition, Wexner Medical Center, The Ohio State University

3. Learn from the leader in presentation + content creation 

There's a reason that Cirque du Soleil handpicked Jason Thomson to develop a workshop at C2 Montreal – he's got that mix of creativity, energy and expertise that moves audiences. 
The world’s best organizations turn to his writing leadership and original mind to develop better content for sales, marketing, HR and operational challenges. SpeakUp Get Results helps your people explore, develop, and sell astounding ideas that drive change, improve engagement or enhance the customer experience. 
As a professional thinker, copywriter and speaker, Jason has fuelled the trajectory of the world’s most important brands, including Intel, RBC Royal Bank, Nissan, Canadian Tire and McCain Foods. His powerful perspective on what it takes to imagine, develop, and sell an idea transforms audiences, leaving them prepared to present, pitch, write, take, and communicate effectively.

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