SUGR imagines, develops and delivers content for conferences.

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Original_ Content for Conferences

Good content can move, teach and transform an audience. Bad content can disengage, bore and lose an audience. When it comes to your event, you want the good kind.

SUGR imagines, develops and delivers really, really good content – from pre-event infographics that attract attendees and presenter coaching that keeps audience engaged…to…micro workshops that change behaviour and post event produced Podcasts that build community. 

Audiences are changing. Attention spans are shortening. Cognitive overload is causing audiences to remember less. Neruoscience is playing a more important role. SUGR brings a combination of coaching, writing, hosting and producing topics and activations that connect with your audiences –  ensuring messages are memorable, interesting, relevant and valuable. 


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Your Content Supernova


In a world crammed full of communications, “connection” is your difference-maker. And when it comes to connection, Content Supernova, writer, keynote speaker, coach, creative director and radio show host Jason Thomson knows how to help your content connect with every audience. 

For more than a generation, this energetic, insightful muppet has helped the world’s most important brands re-think and re-imagine ways to elevate just about every type of conference content imaginable – pitches, panels, presentations, fireside chats, lightning talks, workshops, breakouts, hosting, influencers, Podcasts, videos, storytelling blogging and event journalism. 

“Too much event content is selfish, boring and scattershot – and that causes audiences to simply give up. My goal is to help every piece of content ignite the conversation of your life – with the right mix of compelling topic, accessible structure and intriguing format.” 

Jason has a gift for breaking down content in a way that not only helps the audience understand, but soo the message also resonates, making the entire conference experience a memorable one.” 

Kristen Hunter,  Momentum Events