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Win more business pitches. 

Win over more presentation audiences. 

Win more confidence.


In a world crammed full of communications, “connection” should be your one and only focus. 

That’s why we’re on an unstoppable mission to help every communicator to engage, share, inspire and transform next-generation audiences. 

We empower you to create moving pitches, presentations, panels, fireside chats, and conversations with an original, energetic, and useful platform of coaching, keynotes, workshops, programs, and resources. However you learn, and whatever time you have, there’s a SpeakUp Get Results solution to make you better on stage, in the boardroom, and online. 

As a professional thinker, copywriter and speaker, Jason has fueled the trajectory of the world’s most important brands, from Cirque du Soleil and C2 Montreal to TD Bank and IBM. His powerful perspective on what it takes to imagine, develop and sell an idea transforms audiences, leaving them prepared to think faster, better, and brighter.

So, join us and remake your next presentation into your best presentation. 

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Jason Thomson - Top Speaker, Pitch and Content Coach

Why did you start SpeakUp Get Results?

To save the world from bad presentations. I’ve been an events Creative Director for 25 years — and I was tired of seeing so many presentations that didn’t achieve what the speaker wanted. I created a no-fail process for anyone who presents, pitches, appears on panels, or has a media engagement. 


What do you like best about your job?

The lightbulb moment. When you’re keynoting, workshopping and coaching, you can look out at an audience and see them think “I can use that!” When my idea becomes your idea, I’ve done my job.


Who are your favourite presenters?

I’ve seen so many great presenters — David Allison of Infographics shows the power of storytelling and narrative, Hasan Minhaj on Patriot Act was a masterclass in narrative and PowerPoint and the author Patrick Lencioni shows that you don’t need to be high energy

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