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SUGR Checklist – Rehearse strategically

checklist presentation sugr virtual presentation May 17, 2024
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Rehearse your presentation. I don’t care if it’s the bi-weekly numbers update in front of your direct team or the annual user conference in front of 2000.  

Rehearse more. 
And rehearse right. 

After all, you wouldn’t write and design an annual report in a couple of hours and publish it from your home computer. Why treat a vital chance to connect with an audience with any less respect? 

What does it mean to “rehearse right?” It’s about knowing who you are as a presenter, how you best engage, how to be charismatic, and how to pace the entire thing. 

Here’s a little help. We developed one of our famous checklists to help you rehearse in a way that creates great engagement and has people looking forward (rather than dreading) the next 15, 30 or 60 minutes they’re spending with you.