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Radio Show - The Playbook - Gamechangers - Episode 107 - Dr. Heather Denniston

May 15, 2024

Health advice...that feels different.

I've interviewed Dr. Heather Denniston three times over the past few months, and each time I have...I've learned something completely unexpected.

Want to build a better life for yourself? This is an eye opening episode, where Heather shares the four things that changed her game.

Segment 01 - Forced independence.
What happens when you're young and on your own.

Segment 02 - Nuanced communication.
How do you communicate with someone who...isn't easy to get through to?

Segment 03 - Strong network.
It's not just about building a's about connecting with three types of people.

Segment 04 - Inner elder work.
Look forward 10, 20...40 years. Who do you want to be?