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Podcast - The Playbook - How to create an effective presentation in no time at all with Jason Thomson (yeah, the host).

podcast Jan 17, 2024
Podcast - The Playbook  with Jason Thomson

Jason has a presentation to give at the super awesome GO WEST event in Edmonton.

And he has 11 days to get it together.

On this episode, we follow Jason as he considers his content and begins to build towards his rehearsal. He vacillates. He stumbles. He comes up with new ways to do things. It's messy -- the way a real brainstorm should be.

Segment 01 - The Problem

Jason describes the process of developing a great presentation lickity split.

Segment 02 - The Blueprint

We start to move through Jason's thinking to uncover the path to good.

Segment 03 - The Content (Part 01)

In a preview of the actual content, Jason plays with language and realizes...he's got a lot more work to do.

Segment 04 - The Content (Part 02)

We keep diving into the content (it's a presentation, oddly, ABOUT content).

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