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Podcast – The Playbook – Career Hack Next: Journeys

podcast Mar 09, 2023
Podcast - The Playbook - Career Hack Next - Journeys


This week, we're talking about journeys...


...and auctionista Layne is about to take you on four important ones – from transitioning through your career to advocating for non-binary folks. These are four skills you want for your life and career.


Segment 01 – Career Re-Thinker

Layne visits a charity auction one night...and the lightbulb goes on.


Segment 02 - Industry Re-Maker

Layne chooses a very traditional, very Mal dominated industry – and re-imagines it.


Segment 03 - Non-Binary Leader

As Layne continues their own journey, they become a powerful voice for non-binary people.


Segment 04 - Entrepreneur

Growing a new business is no easy task. Here's how Layne drew on their career in the financial industry to make it happen.


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