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Radio Show - The Playbook - EPISODE 100! - How to persuade (without being evil) with Marsha Shandur

Feb 28, 2024

You want to change someone's mind about something. You know the skills of persuasion.

How do you do it in a way that doesn't leave everyone feel icky and weird?

This week on the 100th episode of the show, we have Marsha Shandur to talk about that exact thing. It's called ethical persuasion, and here is how it works.

Segment 01 - The Problem
"Our company had a trainer come in last week to talk about presenting – but I feel a bit weird. So much of what he said could feel manipulative. "

What is ethical persuasion?

Segment 02 - How to ethically persuade
The steps are easy - understand what your audience wants, understand what you want, then solve the problem between the two.  Marsha shares how it all works.

Segment 03 - Where storytelling fits
Storytelling is a massive component of ethical persuasion. Here's Marsha's incredible take on how to put together an unforgettable story.

Segment 04 -- Where to learn more
A radio show is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Want to see great persuasion in action? Here's what you need to watch and read.