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Radio Show - The Playbook - EPISODE 102 - Introducing the Gamechanger

Apr 02, 2024

The Playbook is just passing YEAR THREE of shows – and we’re celebrating with a Brand. New. Season.

Season 08 is called “Gamechanger” – where we talk to a whole bunch of smart people about the things that have changed their professional and personal lives. Books. Podcasts. Advice. TikTok Videos. You name it.

To kick the season off, you get me talking about my Big 4… 

Segment 01 – Tiny Joys 
When Alan Cross started up The Ongoing History of New Music radio show on CFNY, I was a second year student in university. Now past episode #1000 (show off), it’s the perfect emblem of tiny joys and how they work. 

Segment 02 – Positive Intelligence 
How to turn an pessimist into a optimist, and a an optimist into the happiest person in the world. 

Segment 03 – Sleep 
It’s everything. Every. Thing. Here’s how to build the right environment for sleep … and how not to overdo it.

Segment 04 – Not About You 
Probably the single greatest piece of advice I’ve ever received.