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Podcast - The Playbook - The Career Hack 100 – #16-19 (Empower people)

podcast Oct 30, 2023
Podcast - The Playbook

The Career Hack 100 is gaining momentum with four new skills that can change your career. Join hosts Jason Thomson and Jenn Glynn, and learn how to be a better person AND a better colleague.

Segment 1 – #16 - Be known for something

Why do people come to you for help? Understand your unique advantage and grow your skills.

Segment 2 - #17 -  Empower others

Help others to succeed. Give them the skills and insight to do their best work.

Segment 3 -  #18 - Ask better questions

A great question reveals something you didn't expect. Use multi-versions, scenarios and more to connect.

Segment 4 - #19 - Learn to accept rejection

You WILL face rejection. How you handle it and grow from it is valuable part.


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