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Podcast - The Playbook - How to understand sustainability with Chance Thompson

podcast Nov 14, 2023
Podcast - The Playbook  with Chance Thompson

Want to instantly confuse someone? Ask them the question, "how do I REALLY embrace  the idea of sustainability?"

We talk about building more sustainable lives. The question is – how do we LIVE those lives. This week on The Playbook, we Brainstorm that idea with Chance Thompson.

Segment 01 – The Problem

I know sustainability is important – apparently so does my company. They just asked me to get involved in a new sustainability policy and I have no idea what to do next.

Segment 02 – Strategy


What are the big thoughts and approaches you need to take – spoiler, start small!

Segment 03 – Contribution

Think about what you can do on a daily basis to make your life and your community better.

Segment 04 – Self-Sustainability

Picking up from where we left off, this is what you do (and what you can read to get even better).


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