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Podcast - The Playbook - How to predict the future with Dean West

podcast Sep 12, 2023
Podcast - The Playbook with Dean West


Get ready to predict the future.

Knowing “what’s next” and how to make smart decisions can come down to building a process and a track record.

Which is why we’re bringing in a heavy hitter from the future on this week’s edition of The Playbook: Brainstorm.

Dean West is some sort of genius sent from the future, ready to share how to ask better questions, how to research like it matters, how to develop your process and how to share it all with the world.

Segment 01 – The Problem

I’m a new VP at pretty big national company in an industry that continues to change a lot. My team is constantly looking to me for insights into “what’s next.” So…how to I predict the future?

Segment 02 – Research

What to look for. What to avoid. And how to make research part of your daily life

Segment 03 – Process

From someone who shares process like he lives and breathes it – this is exactly what to do.

Segment 04 – Sharing

How to make sure the would knows you’re a credible predictor of the future, and able to apply that to your business. 


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