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Podcast - The Playbook - How to hold a better status meeting with Anthea Rowe

podcast Sep 26, 2023
Podcast - The Playbook with Althea Rowe

I haaaaaaaate meetings – because too many of our meetings really shouldn’t be meetings at all. And the worst of them has to be the “WEEKLY STATUS UPDATE.”

On this week’s Brainstorm edition of The Playbook, we welcome Anthea Rowe to talk about how to make those awful hours of your life into something better. 

Segment 01 – Introduction

Here’s the problem…

One of my least favourite parts of my jobs is my weekly status update with my boss. It always seems to be the same thing over and over – “How are things going?” “Fine…” “Where do you need help” “I could use resourcing…” I’m not looking for these things to be a party or anything…but I could accomplish the same thing by sending out an email…

Segment 02 – The 3 Big Mistakes

Anthea describes three serious errors you’re making in your meetings – and how to fix them (seriously, stop venting and get to the solutions).

Segment 03 – Anxiety

Status Meetings have an effect on your mental health. Here’s what you need to quell your anxiety and make the difference.

Segment 04 – Progress

What gets measured, gets managed. Anthea describes a super interesting way to understand how to report progress in every meeting you hold.


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