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Podcast - The Playbook - How to get unstuck with David Zinger

podcast Oct 02, 2023
Podcast - The Playbook  with David Zinger

Do you feel stuck in your career or life?

This week, we’re giving you the tools and skills to unstick yourself!

Segment 01 – Introduction

I feel like I’m having a mid life crisis at work – and I’m only 35! I work for a large financial services company, and I Just. Feel. Stuck, I haven’t been promoted in more than three years, and I don’t know what else I could be doing better in my job. It’s starting to bleed over to my personal life too – I find that I spent too many nights just sitting around watching TV. I used to be so much more dynamic. Help!

Segment 02 – The 3 Big Mistakes

“Come to things as they are.” How to reframe the idea of “stuck” to shift your perspective.

Segment 03 – Action

From pivoting to creating small wins…here’s what you can do to create the momentum you want.

Segment 04 – More Action

“Actions influence attitudes – and attitudes influence actions.” More than you can DO to achieve what you want to.

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