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Podcast - The Playbook - How to fight for yourself when diagnosed with breast cancer with Ellyn Winters

podcast Oct 24, 2023
Podcast - The Playbook with Ellyn Winters

Warning – Some NSFW language is unbleeped in this episode.

When Ellyn Winters was diagnosed with breaded cancer, she stood up in some wholly unexpected ways. She refused reconstructive surgery, she wrote a book, she created an AI version of herself and she gives away a lot of the mystery and shame associated with the disease.

On today's episode – how you can stand up too.

Segment 01 – The Problem

I was just diagnosed with Breast Cancer. My head is spinning. What do I do when it comes to my health, my life and my job.

Segment 02 – The Medical Story

How to ask the right questions and advocate for yourself in a complex health system.

Segment 03 – The Life Story

What to expect day-to-day – and how to help your network actually be supportive.

Segment 04 – The Work Story

There are some not-so-great surprises waiting for you. Here's how to navigate cost and the way you work.

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