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Podcast - The Playbook - How to be a thought leader with Tommy Goodwin

podcast Sep 20, 2023
Podcast - The Playbook with Tommy Goodwin

 So…you wanna be a thought leader…

I get a lot of clients asking me about “how” they get to be a thought leader. On today’s Playbook, we bring in real world Association Thought Leader Tommy Goodwin to share his own super awesome playbook.

Segment 01 – The Problem

Here’s the problem…

I’ve been meeting with a business coach over the last couple of months, and she says that it’d be really helpful to my career if I established myself as a ‘thought leader.’ What does that mean and what should I do about it?

Segment 02 – How

After a chat about “audience,” Tommy shares the big three – Content Creation, Social Proof and Networking.

Segment 03 – Getting Started

“There is no wrong door to getting started…video, comment, blog.” Here’s a great list of where you can begin (and why you shouldn’t do them all at once).

Segment 04 – Pitfall

It takes time to build a Thought Leadership following. How to keep going when you want success RIGHT NOW.


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