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TOUGH TALK. How to have the world’s most difficult conversation(s).



  • ALL NEW keynote – “Tough Talk: How to win with the 5 most challenging conversations you can have”

  • Deep dive content for senior leadership audiences

  • “I literally used your tips in a call right after your presentation”


As he looks at the audience, Jason’s heart is pumping faster than normal. “Good morning… it’s terrifying to be here...”

The line gets the laugh Jason hopes for in a room of leaders who have seen it all, heard it all and done it all.

 “Knowing your audience” is most of the battle of any great presentation. For a different audience, Jason brings more bombast and hyperbole.


Bring the good stuff.

But this group wants more substance. Jason learns this in an extensive research program where he interviews attendees. They’re looking for original thinking, real world skills – and a way to be successful in a disagreement.


Engaging, next level thinking.

“Tough Talk” delivers on all counts, balancing energetic, relevant storytelling that shares more than 20 super specific tips – from “Trigger Empathy” to “Ask Better Questions.”



Instantly useable, high value content.

The morning after the talk, a half dozen attendees seek Jason out. “I literally used your tips in a call right after your presentation,” is a common refrain – reminding Jason that it’s ok to be nervous on stage, but you just need to bring the good stuff to keep an audience engaged and eager to learn.


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