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SUGR DROP - Power Presenting


Build your power presentation in just 21 days. 

Your step-by-step, day-by-day guide to building, sharpening and delivering an unforgettable presentation.  


You’ve just been asked to make a presentation. 

Will you have what it takes to engage, electrify and elevate your audience? 

Answer yes with the help of “Power Presenting,” a 21-day email coaching campaign that guides you along the entire journey of developing, rehearsing and delivering your next presentation.  

From small boardroom updates with your team to big time on stage conference keynotes, this campaign shows you how to deliver next level talks every time.  

Your SUGR Drop delivers dozens of tips and ideas and original infographics, all organized in an easy-to-follow process. Each day is designed to improve your presentation’s structure, upgrade storytelling and engagement, and to strategically rehearse for confidence. 

What you learn

+ How to build a purpose for your presentation 
+ The importance and process of profiling your audience 
+ A guide to developing a Point, Chapters and a Blueprint 
+ Key engagement tools including Headlines, Scanability, Navigation, Storytelling and Triggering 
+ Understanding your on stage persona 
+ The easier way to rehearse 
+ How to move and connect on stage 

What you receive

+ 21 daily step-by-step emails – digestible, actionable advice every step of the way 
+ 21 printable infographics – build a toolbox for every presentation you give 
+ A daily call to action – move your presentation forward one step at a time