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Shift your perspective and change the world — with high-energy, unforgettable and valuable communication keynotes by one of the world’s most sought-after speakers.

Learn more about our keynote presentations:

The science and spectacle of winning communications

How to speak up and get results

How to win more pitches

How to content like a copywriter

The skills you need for an epic career 

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Keynote_Misconnected_Effective communication


Misconnected. The science and spectacle of winning communications

From email to Zoom, F2F to TikTok — we have more ways than ever to talk, share ideas and connect with one another. 

And we’re doing a worse job than ever. 

Take on the most common ways we misconnect in this high-inspiration keynote based on the forthcoming book Misconnected. The book features more than 50 rules to help every person hold better conversations. 

Tailor your modular keynote, choosing five of the most common misconnections in your own organization or industry, including: 

+ Why we react (versus respond) and what to do about it
+ How to enable every audience to listen better
+Your need for more “Boss” Headlines
+ The neuroscience of audiences and how to create action

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Keynote_Misconnected_Effective communication


Power presenting. How to speak up and get results

It’s a startling fact.

Over the course of 15 minutes, every single member of your audience will tune out from your presentation, panel, fireside chat, pitch or media appearance.

And you can do something about it.

Discover the process, insights and secrets of one of the world’s best TED-level speakers and coaches with this spirited, memorable and actionable program — and learn the 5 steps to develop every great presentation, plus…

+ How understanding your audience makes the difference
+ Developing a stronger structure and narrative
+ The most impactful engagement tools — including headlines, associations
and storytelling
+ Strategic rehearsal and tiny skills that make you compelling on stage
(or in front of the camera)

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Keynote_Misconnected_Effective communication


Power pitching. How to win more pitches

Stop losing pitches on purpose.

Too many organizations sell their ideas the wrong way – waiting too long to develop the pitch, focusing on themselves, and simply reusing slides and stories from the last time they pitched an idea.

Be better – uncover the 5-step process that wins more business. Power Pitching brings the ideas, approaches and secrets of a global pitch specialist to your team.

Upgrade your next pitch with a whirlwind of instantly actionable ideas. Learn…

+ The SUGR Stack – a six step process that wins more pitches
+ How to profile an audience using networks, AI and deep dive research
+ Framing a specific, memorable “tiebreaker” narrative
+ Taking a “campaign” approach to building the pitch
+ Injecting critical engagement tools like storytelling and scannable PowerPoint
+ Rehearsing strategically

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Keynote_Misconnected_Effective communication


Power pen. How to content like a copywriter

Don’t think like a “writer,” think like an app developer. Great content is on top of every brand’s lists these days – and there are specific tools and approaches writers and content creators need to succeed.

Make more engaging blog posts, web copy, social media and more with a 5-step process that grabs and holds attention. Power Pen draws on the skills of one of North America’s top copywriters to help your team build better content.

Join this high energy keynote to learn the skills your team needs for just about every type of business writing and content creation you can imagine. Discover the SUGR Stack – a 5-step process to create more content, plus…

+ Profiling your audience to deliver winning content
+ Building narratives that connect
+ Generating UI to connect and communicate
+ Writing visually with tools of engagement

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Keynote_Misconnected_Effective communication


Career hack 100. The skills you need for an

epic career

Don’t be a jerk. Watch more TV. Defy logic.

Get ready to stand up, stand out and make a difference in your career with your selection from 100 powerful skills.

Based on the popular Toronto-radio series, The Playbook, the Career Hack 100 is a radio show style keynote that’s customized to the needs of your organization.

Choose one or two show hosts set to present key skills, insights and resources for five separate Career Hacks, including:

+       Ask better questions
+       Find the right mentor
+       Don’t be boring
+       Get great with data

+       Learn how to rebound
+       Connect and network effectively
+       Learn to disagree
+       Be a servant leader

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