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Pitch Perfect Around The World


  • Vital keynote at C&IT’s Festival of Forums in York, UK
  • A fast-paced crash course on winning business without pitching
  • THE talkabout session of the conference

Pitch less. Win more.

A bold statement for someone who makes their living coaching elite teams to pitch more successfully.

And yet, the skills the standing-room-only audience gained in a fast-paced keynote will lead to better business development.


30 minutes, better connections.

I want you to think about the most important pitch of your life….” begins Jason, framed by a picture of the ugliest engagement ring in the history of engagement rings. The men in the room smile. The women in the room look on in horror.

Did you just show up unannounced one day to someone you found fetching, and open up the ring box?”

Of course you didn’t. You met the person, got into their good graces, build a relationship, went on that vacation to Ibitha…


Four principles for better connection.

The audience gets the point. It’s never about the pitch. It’s about trust and engagement, value and timing.

And all of that comes down to building connections.

Jason shared a dozen key skills and strategies framed by highly memorable stories and key headlines like “Connect More” and “Why Do I Want This?” – plus Jason’s characteristic next level energy.



Brilliant buzz, even a day later.

When the SUGR team arrived in York, few people knew Jason on a first name basis.

That didn’t last long.

Jason practised what he preached, drumming up interest for the session with ad hoc coaching for other speakers. It resulted in a packed room curious about what he’d delivered.

A day later, the handshakes were still coming as people said, “I heard that your session was incredible.


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