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Live and virtual sessions jam packed with engaging ideas and new skills

Overload. Disorganized. Boring. 

More than 90% of presentations do the opposite of what speakers need them to do. 

And no one wants to be that kind of speaker. Right? 

SpeakUp Get Results offers keynote and workshop that can teach you how to create and deliver presentations that will hypnotize and motivate your audience. 

Choose your favourite topic and contact us or book your free keynote conversation.

Main Topics:

  1. How to present an idea
  2. How to win a pitch 
  3. Defy Logic: the new rules of communications 

1. How to present an idea

 There is nothing worse than listening to a very boring presentation, overloaded with too much information and numbers. Your audience is totally disengaged, and your keynote is just not relevant enough or meaningful. 

So, stop being boring and learn, with SpeakUp Get Results: 

  • The time-tested 5-step process great presenters use to develop, upgrade and perform at a higher level. 
  • The two biggest problems with most presentations. 
  • How to build Blueprint of content BEFORE you touch PowerPoint. 
  • Surprisingly useful engagement tools, including navigation, visual language and triggering. 


2. How to win a pitch 

Do you know why you won your last sales pitch? Do you know why you lost it? 

Getting your pitch right can really make all the difference to your business.  

If you want to give a great sales pitch and most of all, if you want to understand your audience, learn with SpeakUp Get Results: 

  • The 5-step process used by one of the world’s best pitch specialists to win more business. 
  • The one thing too many pitch teams miss — and any it creates losses. 
  • Using AI tools and human network research to profile your buyer and be more relevant. 
  • The key elements of winning proposals and pitch decks. 
  • How to cheat the right way on RFPs. 

3. Defy Logic: the new rules of communications

Audiences disengage fast, which means that we all need to become more effective in in all our one-on-one and mass communications. 

If you want to increase your audience’s interest and engagement, say less, but say it more often. Learn with SpeakUp Get Results: 

  • From "hyper empathy" to "micro comms," discover what's changing, and how you make use of the new rules. 
  • Get the next generation skills that help you understand your audiences and make your messages break through. 
  • Take trends like "psychological safety" and "emotional intelligence" from high minded ideas to everyday skills that engage employees, colleagues and loved ones. 
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