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Empowering Audiences To Stop Misconnecting


  • Keynote breakout session at MPI’s The EVENT Conference
  • Detailing how to end “Misconnection”
  • A memorable, inspiring, actionable approach to human communication

You can be the difference.

 In a world where we have more ways to connect with one another than ever before – we’re doing a worse job at it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Audiences at MPI’s annual The EVENT conference learned personal empowerment first hands with the high impact debut of “Misconnected.”


Judo flip the audience on the topic "connection."

Audiences are giving up on speakers. People are zoning out of conversations.

In many instances, the “blame” for that goes to the recipient of those communications. From active listening to hyper empathy, we learn about how people who “receive” communication can be more present, more attentive and improve their ability to remember information.

Yet the person delivering the message can limit disengagement.


Three ways to limit Misconnection.

Be genuinely curious.

Use relevant engagement tools.

Be authentically vulnerable.

 That’s the trinity of overcoming Misconnection – an essential message delivered by SpeakUp Get Results keynote speaker Jason Thomson in Gatineau, Quebec.

And there was a twist.

The keynote didn’t simply focus on why these three approaches to Misconnection were important – it shared specific approaches the audience could take to activate Curiosity, Engagement and Vulnerability in their very next conversation.

The twist – those approaches are customized to every audience, drawn from the upcoming book Misconnected by Jason.

Over the course of the hour, the audience was bursting with stories, tools, processes, resources and ideas as Jason shared his trademark energy and processes.



Tears and questions.

The lineup to end the presentation was a dozen deep as attendees shared personal stories, asked questions and mentioned that they may have shed an inspired tear or two.

“If Jason's "Misconnected" were mandatory for all presenters before any event, keynote speakers would actually manage to connect to the audience instead of boring everyone to death and embarrassing themselves and those present,” said Futurist Keynote Speaker Nikola Danaylov.


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