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Radio Show - The Playbook - Gamechangers - Episode 110 - Micki Lubek

Jun 19, 2024

"Oh, there's a lot of opportunities, if you know when to take them, you know?" 

What do the Pet Shop Boys and really pretty journals have in common?

The answer is event planner and creative explorer Micki Lubek.

Micki is one of the most interesting writers I’ve personally come across over the past couple of years.

And now…I find out what makes her such a powerful creative force. If you want to find new strategies to solve problems in your work…listen to Micki. She’s on the radio show this week, and she has some big ideas.

Segment 01 – Pet Shop Boys
Remember the Pet Shop Boys? They’re Micki’s harbinger of creative greatness (and yeah, they’re still around and killingit).

Segment 02 – Libraries
And not just ANY libraries. Micki loves a very, very specific type.

Segment 03 – Disaster
What happens when we have a moment where everything blows up…Micki gets extra creative.

Segment 04 – Notebooks
You really need to have a super cool repository for your journey. Micki’s got tips to make your notebooks extra memorable (guest bloggers!).