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Radio Show - The Playbook - Gamechangers - Episode 108 - Christian Chenier

Jun 05, 2024


You know that one person in your industry who decided to push the limits, and became a superstar around the world?

In my industry, that's Christian Chenier. He went from doing great work in Toronto, to doing great work with The Blue Man Group, NBC/Universal and the recent Luna Luna installation in L.A. (not to mention stops with Broadway shows and so so much more).

How did he do it...and what can you learn? That's in this week's Gamechangers episode.

Segment 01 - Integrity & "Authentic Enrolment"
How you get accountability by showing vulnerability.

Segment 02 - Being the One
Less talk. More action. Get awesome at something and just...use that skillset to be amazing.

Segment 03 - Empathy Leadership
Our old friend Empathy is back - with real world advice for people who have to lead people.

Segment 04 - Glam Precision
Forget the lie of "Flawless Execution." Do this instead.