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Can we start having some better conversations?

audience blog chat conversations keynotes media pandemic questions social media speakup get results spouses stories story storytelling Sep 28, 2021

This is either going to be one of those posts that makes a difference to the world, or it’s going to tick you off entirely. 

I’ve been watching the conversations we’ve been having unfold over the past couple of years – media panels, keynotes, social media back-and-forth, radio interviews… 

I’m worried about what I’m hearing.  

People are preaching on Facebook. They’re blabbing on and on in Zoom calls. They’re butting heads with spouses. As I watch so many of these things unfold, I’m really left wondering why the conversations we’re having seem so hollow, defensive and self serving. 

Like many of you, I’ve spent a bunch of time over the pandemic thinking about what my “purpose” is. After watching another of my online friends unleash an angry tirade on the recent election, I realized I might have something positive to add to the world – to help us have conversations that are more valuable, more enlightening and more nourishing.  

Neuroscience, behavioral economics and psychology all teach us that there are smarter ways to listen, share, empathize and inspire one another. In the same way that there are mindsets and processes for better golf swings, I thought I might share relevant and meaningful information on the types of conversations we have. That includes everything from the presentations and pitches where I’ve spent a lot of my career to the everyday social media and chats with those that we love. 

To do all of this, I’m sharing the journey that I’m taking. After all, I want to my conversations to be better too. To that end, I keep listening and studying and learning. Last week, someone told me that my interview style made them feel like their story was the most important one in the whole world. That felt amazing because it felt like I was learning about being a better listener. 

Looking through my lens, I think better conversations lead us away from a bitter world and towards something great. Let’s have a chat! 


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